A NEW post box topper has appeared in Didcot along with a second mystery crocheter.

Three unicorns enjoying a picnic can be found on top of a post box in Broadway. The blue, white and green mystic creatures are decorated with floral crowns and are sat in front of cookies and sandwiches.

The creator, who wants to stay anonymous, goes by the name “Yarnsy” and decorates the post box in Broadway as well as one in Haydon Road.

Yarnsy has been crocheting for about 15 years and first started creating decorations for post boxes in December, starting with a Christmas-themed one.

Oxford Mail: Yarnsy's first post box topper was for Christmas.Yarnsy's first post box topper was for Christmas.

She said: “I’ve always been creative and making different things. I first started crocheting when I was pregnant – most people get food craving but I had cravings to learn crocheting.

“I had no YouTube back then so I bought a few books and taught myself how to do it and then I became obsessed with anything yarn related – hence the name.

“I’m always making things and my husband was getting fed up of the amount of things I made and not doing anything with them.

“So I started leaving little toys around Manor Primary School in Lydalls Close after the first lockdown and then I found the Random Acts of Kindness Facebook group where people were decorating post boxes.

“I thought, ‘What a fantastic way to put bright and colourful thing into world’.”

Oxford Mail: The little cottages were originally tea cosy's.The little cottages were originally tea cosy's.

Yarnsy’s work can take anywhere from a week to a month to put together depending on the idea. The Christmas-themed one, which featured a gingerbread house and a snowman, took about four weeks.

She then made a Halloween-themed decoration with a spider, pumpkins and ghost. Other pieces of her work include sheep in front of a rainbow and a row of cottages which were originally meant to be tea cosy.

Yarnsy’s current work has the theme of family with the three unicorns in Broadway representing her nieces and nephews.

Oxford Mail: The monkeys were made for her nephews.The monkeys were made for her nephews.

There are also three monkeys attached to a fence on Sands Road to represent her other nephews and two dinosaurs were on top of the post box in Haydon Road to represent more of her family members.

She has since replaced the Haydon Road topper with sunflowers on top of yellow and blue yarn to “send love and support to Ukraine”.

Oxford Mail: Yarnsy made this topper to show her love and support for Ukraine.Yarnsy made this topper to show her love and support for Ukraine.

“It’s really nice to think that a little something I’ve done is making people smile,” she said. “It’s a different thing and it makes no difference in the world but it makes someone smile or makes someone’s day.”

To see Yarnsy’s work, follow her Facebook page called Yarnsy.

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