WALLINGFORD Castle gardens are reopening on Friday, April 1.

The ruins, in Castle Lane, have been closed since October last year due to public safety issues from potential falling masonry.

However a total of £5,000 was agreed by the town council to help safely secure the ruins while the restoration work takes place such as scaffolding and fencing.

The town council’s guided walks will also be restarting including historical tours of the 13th century St Nicholas College.

Councillor Katherine Keats-Rohan, who helped secure the funding for the repairs, said: “We’re not likely to get a lot of activity back on the site until later in the summer and we will be doing some public events then but it depends on what the projects looks like at that point.

“There won’t be much happening as all the work is being done off the stage but the museum will be putting up some information boards so people can understand the history and what is happening.”

Visitors will also be directed to Wallingford Museum, in High Street, which will also have a 3D model of the site.  

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