A ROAD bollard installed as part of Cowley’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme to encourage cycling and walking, has been vandalised for the second time.

A foldable bollard on Temple Road in Cowley was first installed in March 2021, however, a month ago it was vandalised.

On Thursday, the bollard was reinstalled again, but this time it lasted less than 24-hours.

Charlie Hicks a county councillor for Cowley, has called for a more “robust” bollard after it was allegedly vandalised for the second time.

On Twitter the councillor suggested a car rammed the bollard down.

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Mr Hicks said: “Someone unilaterally decided that their convenience to drive their car down a side street past a primary school was more important than children's safety walking and cycling to school, using their car to ram and take it out.”

LTNs seek to reduce congestion and lower air pollution, by stopping ‘rat runs’ on certain roads.

The Cowley LTN, covering areas of Florence Park, Church Cowley, and Temple Cowley, was installed in March 2020 under an Experimental Traffic Order.

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However, the scheme has proved controversial.

While the scheme has ardent supporters, campaigning for quieter, safer streets, and less air pollution, it also has a lot of opposition, with traders stating the scheme has a negative impact on business and causes more traffic on arterial roads.

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