This week the Oxford Mail called for change to make Oxford a safe cycling city.


***UPDATE: This story is part of a wider series looking at cyclist in Oxford. Read our second story here: what cyclists think drivers should do to be safer.***

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The deaths of Ellen Moilanen, near Oxford Parkway Station, and Ling Felce, at The Plain roundabout, has brought the topic of road safety to the forefront of public discussion.

We asked our readers on Monday: “What do you think should be done to make cycling safe in Oxford?”

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These are three things drivers want to see cyclists do on the roads.

Number plates

Several reads felt that bicycles should have number plates, in a similar way to cars, in order to make them identifiable.

William Hicks said: “Make every cyclists display a number plate so when they do something wrong they can be reported and find just like the motorist.”

A similar view was shared by Rita Limbu, who believes a “cycling licence” should be introduced so cyclists can be found for “crossing roads without signal”.


Education was a key change many drivers identified, with several wanting Highway Code-based cycling tests and proficiency courses in schools.   

Linny Foster said “teach cyclist that the laws of the road” while Rob Messiou called for education “for starters”.

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Although not having lights on your bike is illegal, many drivers felt there should be a stronger emphasis on visibility.

Lights, fluorescent jackets and reflectors were all mentioned by readers as important to staying safe.


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