Give a furry friend at the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary a forever home.

The sanctuary rehomes up to 500 animals every year and has found 27,000 animals a new home since it opened over 50 years ago.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them go to the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary website for more details. 

You can also sponsor any of their animals or donate to the charity's vital work.

Adopt a dog from the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary


Oxford Mail: Meet Reggie. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal SanctuaryMeet Reggie. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

Gender - Male

Age - 3 years old

Breed - German Shepherd

Reggie is an intelligent boy that loves his toys.

This adorable German Shepherd loves training, is already  house trained and is non-destructive in the home

His new home should have a maximum of two people and shouldn't have any children or other pets.

There should also be a secure garden with 6ft fencing around.

His potential owner should be prepared to visit him up to 10 times before taking him home and should be experienced with dogs, especially large breeds.

Learn more about how to adopt Reggie.


Oxford Mail: Meet Honey. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary Meet Honey. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary 

Gender - Female

Age -  7 years old

Breed - Cockapoo

Honey is super smart and super friendly according to the Sanctuary.

She’s house trained, non-destructive and her new home can include children aged 14 and over. 

Her new owner should be aware that she needs a specialist diet to cater for her allergies as well as medication. 

Her future home can't have any other pets and should have a secure 5ft fenced garden.

Find out more about how to adopt Honey.


Oxford Mail: Meet Sprout. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary Meet Sprout. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

Gender - Female

Age - 3 years old

Colour - Lurcher

The sanctuary describes Sprout as "full of beans, fun and playful" and she is "super affectionate and loves her cuddles". 

Sprout enjoys being around other humans and can live with children aged 14+.

She will need a patient owner prepared to continue her toilet training as she’s never lived in a home before and someone who will be able to gradually build up the time that she can be left alone.

Her new home should not include any small pets and should have a secure garden with 6ft fencing all around. 

Find out how to rehome Sprout.


Oxford Mail: Meet Milo. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal SanctuaryMeet Milo. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

Gender - Male

Age - 2 years old

Breed - Crossbreed

This lovable pooch loves being around other dogs and learning new things. 

Milo is looking for an owner that enjoys training and is willing to put in the hours with the Sanctuary team and behaviourist to help him settle and work through any issues. 

He is looking to live in a quiet single-person household that doesn't have any pets, children or many visitors.

Milo would prefer to live in a rural area that features a secure garden with 6ft fencing all around. 

Learn more about how to adopt Milo.


Oxford Mail: Meet Sash. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal SanctuaryMeet Sash. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

Gender - Female

Age - 8 years old

Breed - Black Boxer x

Sash loves to play and be around people and is very good at walking.

She is looking for a home without other pets and children where she can relax.

Sash also needs a secure garden to play in that is protected by a 6ft fence.

Her new owner would need to have experience of resource guarding or be willing to learn about this.

Someone from the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary team will be on hand to offer guidance. 

Find out more about how to rehome Sash.