Oxford University said there is "a compelling and urgent need to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in Oxford" following the deaths of two members of its staff in cycle collisions in a month. 

Ellen Moilanen, a Reuben College Academic Administrator died on February 8 this year near Oxford Parkway station. 

On March 1, Ling Felce, a postdoctoral scientist at the Nuffield and the Radcliffe departments of medicine died at the Plain roundabout.

Three cyclists have lost their lives in the city in the last six months, and Dr Felce's death has prompted widespread calls for action.

A University spokesperson said: "Following the tragic killing of three women cyclists in recent months, two of them Oxford University staff, we believe that there is a compelling and urgent need to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in Oxford.

"The Connecting Oxford proposals have the potential to make a significant difference.  But we believe that every road scheme and every investment in our streets should be founded on the absolute necessity to improve pedestrian and cycling safety." 

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Connecting Oxford is a transport plan developed by Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council to reduce motor traffic, increase active travel and improve bus services across Oxfordshire.

It was initially consulted on in 2019 and takes effect from 2023.

A spokesperson said: "In the meantime, the university will continue to work with its HGV contractors to ensure that they are properly equipped to drive safely in our streets, to ensure that they use only approved routes and to take care that the dangers of cycling in Oxford are made clear to their drivers."

Both the deaths of the University's two members of staff involved HGVs but were not caused by contractors working for the University or colleges.

The University said it will continue to provide free cycle lessons and free bike maintenance through its sustainable transport fund.

It is also working with other landowners "to take a co-ordinated approach to the new cycle infrastructure that will be associated with our development sites inside and outside the ring road."

A spokesperson added: "Our thoughts are with the young women who have been killed and their families and friends."

The university has previously said it is requesting an urgent meeting of the Oxford Growth Group - which includes colleges, Oxfordshire County Council and the district councils - to push for investments to improve cyclist safety at roundabouts.