Oxford’s Mini Plant has stood down production for two weeks from today. 

A spokesperson for Mini told the Oxford Mail production has been halted due to a combination of the situation in Ukraine and a shortage of microchips.

The plant will be closed from March 7 to March 18. 

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The spokesperson said: “The war in Ukraine has a significant impact on the country’s automotive supply industry.

“Combined with the ongoing semiconductor bottlenecks, these supply limitations mean further adjustments to the Plant Oxford production schedule are required.

“Plant Oxford is now standing down production – Monday, March 7, to Friday, March 18 inclusive, for all shifts.

“We are assessing the situation and defining measures to secure production again as soon as possible.

“We are in constant communication with our associates and suppliers.

“We can confirm that no associate will go unpaid as a result of this stand down.

“The company and the trade union have agreed on how this is to be managed.

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“Associates can choose to take holiday if they choose, but no one is forced to do so.”

This is not the first time to factory has had to halt production due to supply issues.

Last month, it closed for a week due to a ‘global semiconductor shortage’ which is essentially a lack of microchips.

The shortage of microchips has been an ongoing crisis since 2020 as the demand for the chips is greater than the supply.


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