Opposition MPs have pressured the Government to seize oligarch assets as it emerges sanctions may take ‘months’.

Oxford East MP and Labour party chairwoman, Anneliese Dodds, said the UK had got to “stop dragging” its feet in clamping down on funds that have come from figures linked to Putin.

She told Sky News: “I certainly would say that we have been far too soft, especially over the last 10 years, on those funds that have come from Putin-linked oligarchs and business people.”

She added: “We see, even with the new measures that finally have been extracted from the government now that they say they will announce on Monday, an 18-month window before they will come into action – that’s just not good enough.

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“We need immediate action now. We can put those registers of foreign-owned property into place in 28 days, we believe we could get those running and force that transparency.”

Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon Layla Moran has used her parliamentary privilege to urge the Government to "step up" and impose tougher sanctions, following what Boris Johnson has called, "increasingly threatening behaviour from Russia".

She called on the Government to "do more" and "ramp up sanctions".

In a tweet Ms Moran said: "Every single one of the speakers in this debate on Russian sanctions thinks the Government has to do more. The PM needs to ramp up sanctions NOW. We’ve been behind the curve for 15yrs. This is the moment to step up."

Witney MP Robert Courts and West Oxfordshire Conservatives defended accepting donations from the wife of a former Russian oligarch.

They have received just under £18,000 from Mrs Chernukhin, wife of Vladimir Chernukhin who served as Russian president Vladimir Putin’s deputy finance minister before moving to the UK in 2004.

Mr Courts said "the Government is standing with the Ukrainian people and introducing the strongest ever package of sanctions against Putin and the oligarchs who support his regime".

He added: "It is wrong to tar all Russians, many of whom are opposed to Putin and his unlawful invasion of Ukraine, with the same brush. What is clear is that the UK, together with our allies, are targeting the oligarchs close to Putin without fear or favour."

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Mrs Chernukhin, who with her husband owns a mansion in Oxfordshire among other properties, has criticised Putin's “despotic regime” and condemned the invasion of Ukraine.

Her lawyers say she is a British citizen and is entitled to do as she wishes with her money.

Henley MP John Howell suggested he would be prepared to take up arms to defend the UK if required.

He said he knew Ukrainian parliamentarians from his work as part of the Council of Europe, adding he had been sent a photo of a Ukrainian MP.

Mr Howell told the House of Commons: “He was in full military kit and carrying a Kalashnikov.

“I thought to myself, that really brought it home to me, if we were attacked would I be one of those people who put on full military uniform and went out there with a rifle to defend this place?”

Conservative MP Bob Stewart, a former United Nations commander, could be heard saying: “Course you would.”

Mr Howell added: “I hoped that I would be.”

Banbury MP Victoria Prentis has said that she and her family are "really thinking of all the Ukrainian people at this dreadful time".

She tweeted: "The news from Ukraine today is devastating. As a family we have many friends in Kyiv and have heard from one of them this morning who was woken up by a bomb."

On his website, Wantage MP David Johnston wrote: "At my surgery appointments recently, people often say that whatever they’re coming to see me about sounds trivial in the context of Ukraine. I understand this – everything we experience feels less significant than Putin’s horrific invasion.

"But people shouldn’t worry about bringing me their problems: while Ukraine rightly dominates, other issues aren’t paused. My week in parliament last week...

Councillor Michele Mead, Leader West Oxfordshire District Council, said: "The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military, led by Vladimir Putin must be condemned by all free nations as an unjustified and brutal act.

"We cannot imagine the distress and devastation being experienced by the communities of Ukraine. I know that I speak for our communities when I say that thoughts from West Oxfordshire's residents and members of West Oxfordshire District Council are with those people at this desperate time.

"We stand in unity and solidarity with all those who will be affected by this act of aggression and support the sanctions imposed against Russia by the Government."

South Oxfordshire and Vale District Council said: "We stand by the people of Ukraine in the face of the invasion by Russia and our thoughts are with everyone affected by this action.

"We will help in any way we can, working too with our local partners, including resettling refugees locally should our help be needed."

And Cherwell District Council said: "Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people at this terrible time. At a meeting on Monday 28 February, the council unanimously passed a motion denouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and pledging to respond to requests to assist any Ukrainian refugees that may come here."

Oxfordshire County Council said "like all councils and communities throughout England, we are ready to help people in Ukraine and any refugees that may come here.

"We will be guided by central government as to the best ways that we can help as the situation continues to develop. In standing with the people of Ukraine we and partner organisations will support and give a warm welcome to refugees locally should our help be needed."