A DEAN of one of the richest Oxford University Colleges has agreed to step down as part of reported £1.2 million settlement deal.

Martyn Percy, who is Dean of Christ Church, had been embroiled in a feud with the college for over four years.

On Friday, it was announced that the Dean would leave his position in April and that all 'outstanding issues' had been resolved.

The dispute was sparked by Mr Percy's request for a higher salary, as he said he was paid less than other heads of college.

The Financial Times reported that Prof Percy would receive £1.175mn, net of tax, in the settlement to drop his emploment claim against the university.

The settlement includes legal fees, which he the Prof said ran into the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

This matter was escelated into a long legal battle, where academics attempted to oust the professor for impropoer conduct. 

This included an allegation of sexual harassment made by a woman, known as X. 

The woman said she brought a claim of sexual harassment against the dean in October 2020 which he has always denied and the police chose not to take further action.

She said in a statement released by the college: “I have to accept, incredibly reluctantly, that it is my word against his that the incident took place.

“I am acutely aware that this is a situation faced by many women who bring complaints of a sexual nature.

“Sadly, the various processes that have followed have not altered this situation.

“However, I want to acknowledge that Christ Church, to their credit, has always supported my right to make this complaint.”

The college said it made clear throughout the various dispute processes with the dean that no resolution could be reached unless the concerns of the individual making the allegation of sexual harassment against him were fully addressed.

At the individual’s request, Christ Church said it will within 12 months commission a comprehensive review of its policies and procedures in relation to sexual harassment to be led by an independent expert.

The college said the review will ensure that any future cases are dealt with 'fairly and expediently'.

In her statement, X said: “I know what I experienced on that day and I want to ensure that no other student or member of staff has to go through the ordeal that I have.

“I am pleased that the Dean has agreed to step down from his role at Christ Church and, in return, I have agreed to settle my outstanding claims against him.

“I am reassured that Christ Church has begun the important work of ensuring that its practices and policies provide the best possible support and protection for all members of its community.

“I will be working with Christ Church to ensure that whatever changes they adopt take into account my experiences.

“I sincerely hope that in some way this will help to ensure that other students and staff avoid the distress that I have experienced.

“I would like to thank Christ Church for bringing about a resolution to my complaint against the Dean.

“Of course, I wish that a resolution could have been achieved more quickly and without the pain and stress I have endured, so that the sense of injustice I have long felt could have been, if not entirely eradicated, made more bearable.”

In a statement, Christ Church said: “Christ Church has always regarded the safety and well-being of its students and staff as its highest priority.

“Any such allegation will always be thoroughly investigated and addressed, whilst respecting the right to a fair hearing for the accused.”

It added: “Christ Church is deeply sorry for the hurt that this individual has suffered and we regret the time that it has taken to bring these matters concerning the Dean to a conclusion.”

The college said Prof Percy has agreed to step down voluntarily from his role as dean of Christ Church and will leave on April 26.

But an email to his college address prompted an automatic reply which said 'I have now left Christ Church'.