This is the face of removals man Martin Bateman who carried away priceless family antiques in house moves over five years.

The 54-year-old made thousands of pounds selling the heirlooms at an auction house where he was described as a regular visitor.

Jailing him for the 11 counts of theft at Oxford Crown Court yesterday, Judge Maria Lamb said: “What you have done represents a gross violation of the trust which was placed in you by the individuals who left their belongings in your care. 

“You have, it is quite clear to me, made a commodity of their memories. 

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“You have traded their treasured possessions without the slightest thought for the importance of what they attached to them because all of those things matter to people for various reasons and I am told now that all too late you realise that and you are sorry about it.”

She sent him down for two years. Further court hearings were fixed to decide how much he will have to pay back under proceeds of crime rules.

Oxford Mail:

Yesterday, the crown court heard that Bateman was working for Oxford removals firm Luker Brothers when he siphoned off artworks, antique cutlery, rugs and other keepsakes during house moves in Oxfordshire, London, France and Switzerland.

One victim described the thief as a ‘consummate liar and a charmer’.

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