A NEW wing at the Marcela Botnar Wing at the Botnar Institute for Musculoskeletal Science’s facilities has been opened by the Duchess of Cornawall.

The new research facility was funded by The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre Charity of which the Duchess is a Patron.

The Botnar Institute is a world-leading research centre in musculoskeletal sciences.

The centre researches inflammatory joint disease, trauma, degenerative joint disorders and rare bone diseases.

This includes the fragile bone disease Osteoporosis which causes painful, debilitating and sometimes fatal fractures. The centre is also working on tissue engineering implants to repair or replace tissues that are diseased.

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Over the last 20 years, The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre Charity has raised all the funds for the Botnar Institute for Musculoskeletal Sciences, which has been built in three phases at a cost of £20m.

Jeanette Franklin has been appeal director and trustee of the charity since 1990 and she is "thrilled" the ribbon has finally been cut.

She said: "We have raised a considerable amount of money for the hospital, and I am thrilled to bits that we have been able to build the third phase for Botnar research centre which is internationally renowned."

She added: "The work that is being done in this building, by scientists and researchers takes your breath away, it is the future of us all."

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