Oxford Mail readers have been giving their views after the cost of introducing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in the city was revealed.

The LTNs introduced throughout the city cost more than £100,000.

LTNs include putting planters or barriers on particular streets to stop through-flow traffic to stop ‘rat-running’ and encourage active travel.

Reconnecting Oxford, a group that has openly opposed the LTNs in both Cowley and East Oxford, said the figure was a cause for concern considering the number of people who do not want the scheme in place.

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Richard Parnham, the spokesperson for Reconnecting Oxford, said after seeing the figures: “Oxfordshire County Council has now spent tens of thousands of pounds on LTN schemes that their own consultations tell them that most residents don’t want.

“It is deeply troubling to see the cost of the LTN enforcement cameras that were installed barely a month before the decision is made on whether or not to scrap the LTNs.

“It’s not difficult to see why residents are frustrated by LTNs.”

Oxford Mail readers expressed their opinions on the paper’s Facebook page and on oxfordmail.co.uk.

STEW ELLIOTT: “Putting this figure out without the context of how much road infrastructure generally costs is not helpful.

“To put it in perspective one single zebra crossing can cost £30,000.”

CAROLYN TEN HOLTER: “And all the evidence is that when the dust settles on a scheme, there’s no more traffic on other roads because people are driving less.”

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MARK LAMBOURNE: “LTNs benefit the people living on that road, but at the expense of those living on the re-routed traffic.”

RICHARD ABSOLOM: “£100,000 to cause misery and upset and more pollution, and local business problems with footfall.

“And installing cameras so close to a decision being made on if they stay or not. Says to me that the decision has already been made.”

JAMIE SMITH: “The LTNs are causing nothing but more traffic and it even more pollution.”

CAROLYN TEN HOLTER: “Not supported by the evidence.”

ED KAHN: “More traffic on the main roads more pollution and more time wasted in traffic.”

TYRONE ROSS: “LTNs don’t come up on Sat navs and are causing problems for emergency services.”

CAROLYN TEN HOLTER: “Emergency services are consulted about these before they get to public consultation, so they know exactly where the LTNs are.”

NAOMI LANIGHAN: “Carolyn Ten Holter emergency services haven’t always been fully consulted in some areas sadly which has resulted in some problems and revisions or removals of LTNs across the country. Some clearly weren’t thought out particularly well.”

STEVE BAILEY: “From a fire service point of view we had route cards to every address in our station. So any change for access, traffic calming, LTN etc could easily be updated. You get to know your area/patch.”

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OXFORD MAIL READER: “What an absolute bargain. When you think that obesity and pollution cost Oxfordshire in the hundreds of millions a year not the hundreds of thousands, this would only need to persuade less than one car potato in a thousand to start walking or cycling more to pay for itself.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Your disparaging remarks about ‘car potatoes’ is unhelpful. How many of these drivers are the same NHS, school, social care staff that we all depend in. I have to use my car for work and visit vulnerable people at home, supporting them with their mental health. Every journey is longer.

“Your middle class sense of entitlement and assumption is astounding. Obesity has a direct correlation to poverty. Let’s look at the causes of poverty. LTNs are the baby of the privileged.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Car ownership is overwhelmingly concentrated among the middle classes. If you’re poor, you’re less likely to have a car. On balance, LTNs give road space back over to people on lower incomes.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Divinity Road, Southfield Road, Hill Top Road - lower incomes and low car ownership, really?”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “It’s possible to lease a brand new electric Mini, all inclusive of insurance and tax (city council staff have access to this) - for less than the monthly council tax charge.”

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