Alcohol free drinks are all the rage as we saw from Lord Sugar's week three task for his budding entrepreneurs on BBC's The Apprentice.

Lord Sugar instructed the candidates to create and brand their own non-alcoholic drinks before pitching it to the country's biggest retailers at a launch event.

Whether you're looking for some motivation to keep up with your Dry January or The Apprentice challenge has inspired you, we've got your back.

We've put together a list of some of the best Alcohol-free drinks on the market to help make 2022 your healthiest year yet.

Oxford Mail: A woman drinking red wine. Credit: PAA woman drinking red wine. Credit: PA

This list includes offerings from some of your favourite brands, including Aldi, M&S, Tesco and more which may even convince you to make the switch permanent.

Alcohol-free drinks inspired by The Apprentice task


Sainte Etienne 0% Premium Lager Beer

This Sainte Etienne 0% Premium Lager Beer is not only a friend to your liver but also your bank account.

The alcohol-free beer is vegan-friendly and is best served chilled. 

Pick up a 500ml bottle for £0.89 via Aldi.

0.0% Rhubarb & Ginger Spirit Drink

If you're not ready to turn your back on gin o'clock then we've got just the thing. 

This 0.0% Rhubarb and Ginger spirit from Haysmiths is good enough to convert you to the alcohol-free stuff for good.

Stock up with this 70cl bottle for just £9.99 via Aldi.


Alcohol Free Fizzero Rose 

The alcohol-free Fizzero Rose means you don't need to leave the bubbles behind on New Year's Eve.

The sparkling fermented grape juice has been blended with premium green tea and has notes of strawberry and raspberry.

The 75cl bottle won't break the bank either, only costing £3.90.

Pick up a bottle for yourself from M&S.

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol Free 

If you're bound to get a craving for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc this Dry January, here's how you can keep up the challenge. 

This German wine has notes of gooseberry and tropical fruit that will have you reaching for glass after glass. 

Take home a 75cl bottle for just £3.50 from M&S at Ocado.

Oxford Mail: A person declining wine. Credit: PAA person declining wine. Credit: PA


Gordons Alcohol Free Spirit

Is it gin o'clock for you for the rest of the year? Then this alcohol-free spirit might just be the answer that you've been looking for.

Get your hands on this 70Cl of Gordons 0.0 percent alcohol bottle which has the same name juniper taste you love.

Get yours now for £14 via Tesco.

Hardys Alcohol Free Chardonnay

If you can't say no to a white wine then this alcohol free Chardonnay might just do the trick.

This 75Cl bottle has the same citrus and tropical taste that Hardys' Chardonnays are famous for. 

Add it to your basket for £4 from Tesco.


McGuigan Zero Shiraz

Dry January will hardly feel like a challenge with this McGuigan Zero Shiraz.

The Australian wine has a splash of spice and vanilla notes as well as a delicious blackcurrant flavour. 

If saving some cash is your New Year's resolution, get ready to celebrate since this Shiraz will only set you back £5. 

Take home a bottle now via Morrisons. 

CleanCo Clean R Non-Alcoholic Rum Replacement

If you want to continue the New Year's  Zoom party into 2022 minus the booze then we've got the drink for you. 

CleanCo's "take on spiced Caribbean rum" is chock full of spice, caramel and cayenne pepper flavour. 

A 70cl will set you back £19 seeing you right through even the gloomiest of Januarys. 

Get your hands on a bottle via Morrisons.