A thug was taped threatening to kill his girlfriend after she managed to press record on her mobile phone.

Drunken Jacob Chambers, 32, pinned the woman to her bed and rained down punches in the early hours of New Year’s Day, 2021.

Oxford Crown Court heard the victim’s mobile phone recording caught Chambers repeatedly threatening to kill her.

At one stage in the attack he pulled a knife from his waistband - referred to by Chambers on the tape as his ‘shank’ - but ended up injuring himself on the blade.

Chambers began the attack after he was challenged by his girlfriend about the fact he was messaging other women.

The West Midlands man was due to be sentenced this week.

However, Judge Maria Lamb adjourned the case to January 27 after learning that he was due before Dorset magistrates next week on charges relating to the same complainant. The defendant was remanded in custody.

Chambers, of Anderson Road, Birmingham, pleaded guilty last month to causing his now former partner actual bodily harm.

The court was told that Chambers travelled down from Birmingham and his girlfriend came up from Dorset, where she lived, in order to see in the New Year at a flat they had been lent in Banbury.

The couple had argued several hours before the assault and she called the police but hung up before the call connected. Dorset Police, who were asked to do a welfare check, rang her phone to confirm that she was alright.

In the early hours of January 1, after drunken Chambers had been sick in the bedroom, he was challenged by his partner over messages from other girls she’d seen on his phone.

The irate boyfriend threw his own phone across the room then began attacking the woman.

He pinned her down and repeatedly punched her across the face. She claimed he had threatened her with a knife, which he pulled from his waistband, and pulled her hair, although he denied it.

She managed to audio record the assault using her mobile phone, which was in her pocket. He could be heard threatening to kill her and said he would ‘f*** her up’.

They left the house and she ran away, chased by Chambers. He said he would ‘slash her tyres so she couldn’t go anywhere’, the court heard.

The police were called and, when they arrived, found Chambers trying to escape through back gardens.

Chambers had denied the allegations but, in a basis of plea entered before his trial, admitted parts of his ex’s account. “I am far from proud of my actions and absolutely aware it was an unacceptable way to act," he said.