Owners from across Oxfordshire are continuing to send in photos of their beloved pets.

Following the lifting of some coronavirus restrictions, the removal of work from home guidance means more staff will be returning to the office.

As a result, pets will end up seeing less of their owners during the day, which could have an effect on some pets’ behaviour.

Oxford Mail:

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Ryan Neile, of animal charity Blue Cross, has some advice pointing out that a lot of pets are resilient and adapt quickly.

He said: “Incrementally expose them to you being away.

"Dress like you’re going to the office, pick your keys up, put deodorant on.

Oxford Mail:

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"Then go to a different room and close the door so they have the experience of not being able to access you. Start with a short time and build up.

"That can help them understand they can't be on your lap all day long.”

He told the Guardian earlier: "At the beginning of the pandemic we saw a surge in cases where pets were biting.

"They were getting too much attention from owners who were suddenly at home, so the defensive, natural response is a bite to say: 'Leave me alone'. "Also, for pandemic puppies there wasn’t much opportunity for socialisation, so you end up with adult dogs with a lifelong fear of everyday situations."

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Mr Neile said there could be signs that your pet is not coping.

Oxford Mail:

This could include 'inappropriate toileting and destructive behaviour'.

He added: "A classic is a dog ripping up a pillow. It’s because chewing releases endorphins that help them relax if they’re anxious. Under no circumstances should people punish their pet for that."

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