Readers have been giving their views on proposals to build a large reservoir near Abingdon.

A consultation has been launched for the scheme, which aims to address climate change and challenge water shortages.

Plans for the reservoir close to Steventon, East Hanney, Frilford and Abingdon resurfaced in September 2021.

Water regulator Ofwat published documents revealing plans for reservoirs across England in a bid to tackle the effects of climate change.

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Now, a consultation has been launched by Water Resources South East (WRSE).

The emerging regional plan sets out the action that could be needed to avoid a potential one billion litre per day shortfall in water supplies within the next 15 years.

According to WRSE, by 2040, the combination of climate change, population growth,and the need to provide higher levels of protection against drought, could require a long-term programme of investment of around £8 billion to avoid a shortfall in water supplies in the South East. This could rise to £17 billion by 2060.

CHANTAL WATLING: “You neglect to point out that the proposed reservoir is to provide water for London, not Oxfordshire. Also the scale of it. Over four square miles, sealing flood plains, built above ground using concrete bund walls 25m high.

“The QE2 reservoir is a bunded reservoir but half the height. It has warning signs of toxic algae and is fenced off for safety reasons. Can’t see any fishing or boating opportunities happening.

“And yes chalk stream abstraction needs to stop but there are other, quicker and less environmentally damaging options than the reservoir. The carbon cost of this 10 year-plus construction alone is unthinkable.

Oxford Mail:

“It just seems to be the best option to allow Thames Water to line their shareholders pockets. Fix the leaks and infrastructure and we wouldn’t need it!”

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LOUISE LOW: “This plan was rejected in 2011 and here they are again. Water companies polluting rivers because they can’t be bothered to fix pipes. So now they want to destroy green belt, ruin the environment and create havoc on local roads for 10 years. Oh but don’t worry they plan to create 200 nature schemes that they will probably pollute. Fix your pipes!”

CATH CONVERY: “Louise I wonder if the people who have liked or loved this have thought it through?”

CAZ FARRELL: “Sadly it no longer really matters what us humbles think or would like, even if that’s the sensible choice, money and influence always talk.

“And always win, by manipulation and untruths. So best prepare yourselves.”

HOLLY BARRETT: “If Thames Water fixed all the leaks there wouldn’t be a water shortage! The reservoir is to provide water to London, not Oxfordshire.”

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SALLY POVOLOTSKY: “We need to #stopsteventonreservoir and I would urge anyone who wants to help us to get in touch. It’s like David versus Goliath and one’s making billions of pounds on its bottom line with huge infrastructure - the local people will live in a shadow, under a flood risk that there’s still no plans for how to control or mitigate and so much data is missing - we have raised several issues with Ofwat and twice the process has been delayed. This is a clear and present danger to our communities and we will not be walked all over.”

ANDREA SERMAN: “Water shortages? In Oxfordshire?”

KEVIN STROUDLEY: “If it’s for London’s water, Thames Water better build it closer. That’s a lot of pipework - going by the leaks they have and their reputation water from here will never reach London, What a joke. It might be different if it was to help Oxfordshire with all the new homes etc.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “There is so much potential for nature, water sports, water park and so many other environmentally friendly things that could go with this reservoir. lets get it built! I can’t see the Greens or Lib Dems objecting as it is much more environmentally friendly than a housing estate of the same size?

“It’s this or more houses on the same land.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “We don’t need more houses and reservoirs, we need fewer people.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Why is it ‘this or houses’? It’s likely there would be no water sports involved, and the water is for Thames Water to sell on to London companies. There’s is also no precedent for any reservoir of this type and size.”

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