A BROTHEL in a quiet Oxford street was run so professionally it was "like a restaurant", a court heard today.

Mother-of-two Elaine Konopka, 39, admitted helping run the brothel in Middle Way, Summertown.

Oxford Magistrates' Court heard the brothel offered clients menus of services and was run in a highly professional manner.

Police closed the brothel during a raid last November.

Sarah Mackay, prosecuting, said officers found four women downstairs - three in only their underwear - and a man in an upstairs bedroom who admitted having paid for sex.

She added Konopka was found fully dressed downstairs. There was no suggestion she had been involved in any sexual activity herself.

Ms Mackay said: "On the coffee table was a daily worksheet which detailed the customers which had visited.

"There was also a laminated menu detailing the services available.

"Konopka admitted working at the address on approximately ten occasions over an 18-month period. She said she was responsible for answering phones, making appointments and greeting customers."

Martin Bourne, defending, said Konopka, of Wolsey Road, Cutteslowe, was the sole carer of two children.

He said: "The youngest, a boy, has significant psychological problems, which have not made it possible for her to be in full-time education or work.

"She was not a part-time receptionist, she was a fill-in receptionist. The brothel was open from 10am to 10pm seven days a week.

"The business was operated in a highly-efficient, business-like fashion. Details were kept on the number of visitors, money taken and at the end of the day the proceeds taken by the prostitutes would be accounted for.

"She was helping out, rather than it just being a commercial arrangement. The way the establishment was run was in such a way as to avoid the exploitation of women and the associated health risks.

"Women would go to a clinic every three months and come back with a certificate."

He said clients would pay the prostitutes directly, with the brothel taking a £20 or £30 cut.

And he added Konopka believed police had known about what was going at the premises for some time, but had turned a blind eye.

Konopka admitted assisting in the management of a brothel between May and October last year.

District judge Brian Loosley looked at the brothel's menu, which had services ranging from £50-£140, while considering the sentence.

Ordering her to carry out 60 hours' unpaid community work and pay £100 costs, he said: "It is quite clear this was run almost like a restaurant, with menus and various services being offered.

"You went into this with your eyes open and knew from day one what was going on."

Neighbours tonight said they were pleased the brothel had been closed.

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said she thought Konopka's sentence was too lenient.

She said: "I think it is disgusting she only got 60 hours' community service.

"It is so nice not having so many strange men going in there. It was really unpleasant. It certainly attracted all sorts of men - not very nice people at all.

"Some had children's car seats in the back. You just felt upset for the wives."

Another neighbour added: "I did not realise what was going on - I was amazed."

Annabel Wise, of Church Road, Milton-under-Wychwood, also appeared at Oxford Magistrates' Court today accused of keeping a brothel at 28 Middle Way, Summertown, Oxford, between last April and November.

The 36-year-old also faces another charge of producing cannabis and two of possessing cannabis. Her case was adjourned until Monday, February 11.