Three regions in Oxfordshire are ranked in the top ten places with the most new build homes.

Government data shows that 2.6 per cent of all British houses were built between 2017 and 2020 alone. That’s a total of 630,000 new homes.

My Job Quote, a website that connects homeowners with local tradespeople, has collected data on which regions in the UK have the most new build homes.

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According to the data The Vale of White Horse, South Oxfordshire and Cherwell districts are three of the top ten regions in the UK with highest number of new build homes.

Vale of White Horse sits in the top three, having built 4,094 new houses, making up 6.3 per cent of their housing stock.

South Oxfordshire also makes the Top 10, with 3,576 new homes being built.

Cherwell rounds up the top 10 having built 3,686 new homes, making the new-builds 5.4 per cent of their overall housing.

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