OXFORD'S Shark House got a mention on Coronation Street tonight. 

Though she has already been offered a conditional place at Oxford University, character Summer Spellman has doubts she'll get the grades good enough to make the trip down from the cobbles to the city of dreaming spires. 

In tonights episode she opened up to pal Aadi Alahan about her fears of "not tempting fate" by getting excited. 

She said: “Trying not to think about Oxford, don’t want to get my hopes up in case it doesn’t happen."

Sitting across the table in Roy's Rolls cafe he told her: “It’ll happen. You’re a liar anyway, I saw your screen – 20 fun things to do in Oxford. You’re allowed to be excited you know." 

She showed him a picture of her screen - saying: “There’s a house with a huge shark sticking out the roof.

"A sculpture, looks real though…See!”

So what is exactly is The Shark House in Oxford? 

The Headington Shark is one of the more unusual landmarks in Oxford and a very quirky place to stay.

The shark at 25ft is certainly hard to miss, as the sculpture sticks out of the roof of a terraced house in New High Street in Headington.

It was commissioned by Bill Heine, an American-born journalist and broadcaster, who came to Oxford in the 1960s to study at Oxford University. He worked at BBC Oxford and the Oxford Mail.

Mr Heine died of cancer, aged 74, in 2019 and to preserve the shark Bill’s son Magnus bought the house in 2016 and it is now a star attraction on Airbnb and Booking.com.

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