A golf club waiter who sawed off his boss’s head with a cheese knife has asked a Swedish judge to impose a fixed-term sentence rather than life, according to reports.

Balkans-born Jonathan Limani had only been in Britain for a couple of weeks when he decapitated a restaurant manager at The Oxfordshire Golf Club in Thame in August 2010.

The Swedish citizen claimed he’d killed boss Christopher Varian ‘because God made him do it’.

Judge Anthony King gave him a life sentence at Oxford Crown Court in 2012, describing the killing as ‘the ultimate in violence’ and ordering he serve at least 19 years inside. Limani was committed to Broadmoor secure psychiatric hospital.

Now, Swedish newspapers have reported that Limani, 44, has been refused permission by a judge at Örebro District Court to convert his life sentence to a fixed-term.

The Norrtelje Tidning reported that doctors from the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine, the Rättsmedicinalverket, said Limani continued to pose a danger to society - despite him apparently expressing remorse for what he’d done.

He had been returned to Sweden from the UK in 2020, it was reported. If released it was said he wanted to live in Norrtälje, a small town around 40 miles north east of Stockholm.

In 2012, Limani pleaded guilty to Mr Varian’s manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Oxford Mail:

Jonathan Limani's mugshot Picture: THAMES VALLEY POLICE

He suffered with paranoid schizophrenia and was described by psychiatrist Dr Michael Alcock as ‘highly dangerous’. The doctor told Oxford Crown Court almost a decade ago that Limani had believed Mr Varian was conspiring with the devil to inflict harm.

“He was hearing voices from God (calling on him) to prevent this conspiracy from happening and, when required, to take his life in the way he did,” Dr Alcock said.

At about 3pm on Saturday, August 21, Chinnor man Mr Varian, was having a cigarette break after overseeing a wedding in The Oxfordshire’s Oak Suite.

Limani took a cheese knife from a cutlery store two floors above the smoking area then decapitated his boss.

Prosecutor Alan Blake said as witnesses pleaded with him to stop, Limani continued ‘as though transfixed, sawing’.

The knifeman was overheard in a 999 call telling others at the scene: “I wanted to kill him because he pick[ed] a fight.”

Oxford Mail:

Victim Christopher Varian Picture: THAMES VALLEY POLICE

Limani, who was living at the golf club, had dual nationality having lived in Sweden since 2002. He was known to suffer with poor mental health and had been given a number of hospital orders in the Scandinavian country.

He was cleared to work in the UK through a Swedish employment agency and started work at the golf club weeks before his attack on Mr Varian. He had lied about a 1999 conviction for dealing heroin in Switzerland, the court heard.

Oxford Mail:

File image of Oxfordshire Golf Club, Thame Picture: OM