Cornmarket in Oxford has seen many changes over the years but shoppers couldn’t believe it in 1982 when it was announced the street’s Woolworths store was to close.

Here we look back at the closure and other photos from the 1980s decade.

Woolworths expanded in Cornmarket in the late 1950s.

The new store, replacing a smaller one across the road where Boots now stands, opened to great acclaim in 1957.

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At the official opening, company chairman Mr R J Berridge handed the mayor, Alderman R F Knight, a cheque for £500 for the Oxford Historic Buildings Fund - a new building helping the old.

The Oxford Mail heralded the arrival of the new store with a 12-page supplement - and a crowd of 200 queued to be the first inside.

Oxford Mail: Chief cashier Viola Hancock sheds a tear as the store closes in 1983 after her 40 years’ service

It came as a big shock to staff and shoppers when the company announced the store’s closure on March 10, 1982.

The Oxford Mail headlines said it all - ‘Woolies checks out’ and ‘Angry traders say council is killing off Oxford’.

The company said the store was “in profit but not making a satisfactory return on investments”.

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It closed in January 1983.

The closing down sale was so successful the store shut a day earlier than expected.

Chief cashier Viola Hancock shed a tear as the store closed after her 40 years’ service

Staff held a farewell party at Cowley Workers’ Social Club.