Veganuary is in full swing but how easy is it to lead a vegan diet in Oxford?

With more of us making the annual challenge permanent, demand for vegan-friendly restaurants with varied and reasonable menus is on the rise.

University news blog, Student Beans, has attempted to answer the question by conducting a survey to find out which are the best cities in the UK for vegans.

The study has looked at every possible aspect from the number of vegan restaurants in the area as well as the average cost of vegan food.

Oxford Mail: Top 20 Best cities in the UK for Vegans. Credit: Student BeansTop 20 Best cities in the UK for Vegans. Credit: Student Beans

See the full list of the best vegan cities in the UK and where Oxford ranked below.

Oxford has made the top 20 of the best cities for vegans, coming in 13th place. 

The city ranked above Cardiff, Leeds and Bristol but fell short of the top ten after being bumped down by York and Bath.

It has 174 vegan restaurants with 34.03% of its restaurants being dubbed as vegan-friendly. 

Top 20 Best Cities for Vegans in the UK

According to Student Beans, these are the top 20 best cities for vegan food in the UK.

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Chester
  3. Nottingham
  4. Glasgow
  5. Newcastle upon Tyne
  6. Brighton and Hove
  7. Cambridge
  8. Inverness
  9. Manchester
  10. Norwich
  11. York
  12. Bath
  13. Oxford
  14. Cardiff
  15. Leeds
  16. Bristol
  17. Durham
  18. Exeter
  19. Stirling
  20. Sheffield

Best UK cities for vegan food deliveries

Oxford Mail: Fruit and vegetables. Credit: PAFruit and vegetables. Credit: PA

Oxford also came in fifth in the best UK cities for vegan food delivery with an impressive 22 vegan restaurants delivering plant-based meals to a population of 151,584.

Here's the full list of the 15 cities coming out on top, according to their population Vs the Uber Eats restaurants delivering vegan food:

  1. Brighton and Hove: Population 291,738 - 71 vegan Uber Eats options
  2. Cambridge: Population 125,063 - 24 vegan Uber Eats options
  3. Bath: Population 94,782 - 15 vegan Uber Eats options
  4. Westminster: Population 269,848 - 40 vegan Uber Eats options
  5. Oxford: Population 151,584 - 22 vegan Uber Eats options
  6. Exeter: Population 133,333 - 17 vegan Uber Eats options
  7. Salisbury: Population 44,748 - 5 vegan Uber Eats options
  8. Manchester: Population 555,741 - 62 vegan Uber Eats options
  9. Salford: Population 262,697 - 29 vegan Uber Eats options
  10. Worcester: Population 100,265 - 11 vegan Uber Eats options
  11. Norwich: Population 142,177 - 15 vegan Uber Eats options
  12. Durham: Population 47,785 - 5 vegan Uber Eats options
  13. Chester: Population 90,524 - 9 vegan Uber Eats options
  14. Hereford: Population 60,415 - 6 vegan Uber Eats options
  15. Southampton: Population 252,872 - 25 vegan Uber Eats