TWO Oxfordshire teachers appeared alongside Jamie Oliver on the celebrity chef’s latest TV programme.

The Bicester School teachers Helen Holding and Sam Everall were invited in July to appear on Channel 4’s Jamie Oliver: Together.

Maths teacher Mrs Holding said: “Jamie advertised for essential and key workers to apply to take part, and several of us from The Bicester School applied.

“Sam Everall and I were lucky enough to be selected and spent an amazing day with Jamie Oliver as a massive thank you to everyone involved in education during the Covid pandemic.

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“It was great, not just to be fed incredible food by Mr Oliver, who honestly is as genuine and friendly as he seems on TV, but also to meet some other lovely teachers, talking about all the experiences we have had over the previous 18 months.

“During the filming, Sam and I spoke about how incredibly resilient our students have been, how remote teaching was so challenging for us and for the students, and how much support we gave students and parents through that time.

“We noted how senior leadership has had virtually no break at all over the past 18 months as they have had to spend so much time planning for the frequent changes in policy to keep staff and students safe.”

Mr Oliver dished up steak and chips, followed by pineapple tarts.

“We were only shown for a minute or two, but it really was an experience of a lifetime,” added Mrs Holding.