There are several pantomimes happening around the county throughout the Christmas season and into January.

Classic fairytales and stories are being told throughout Oxfordshire, including two different versions of Robin Hood. 

Pantomimes are a traditional Christmas staple and are fun for the whole family, with shows featuring music, dance, elaborate costumes and comedy. 

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These are all the pantomimes you can watch in Oxfordshire:

Rapunzel at The Theatre Chipping Norton, Chipping Norton

November 17 2021 - January 9 2022

Rapunzel has been stuck in a castle tower for eighteen years, imprisoned by a witch’s magical powers. But she’s not the sort of girl to let that defeat her! With the help of her Nanny, a charming yet cheeky Prince, and an awful lot of hair, she’s going to escape into the big wide world.

Knights and maidens, sword fights and sea-storms, sweeties and singalongs – this joyful reimagining of the classic tale has it all!

So let your hair down and enjoy the latest and greatest adventure from Chipping Norton Theatre, the home of traditional family panto.

Oxford Mail: Rapunzel at The Chipping Norton Theatre. Picture: Josh TomalinRapunzel at The Chipping Norton Theatre. Picture: Josh Tomalin

Pinocchio at The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford

December 15 2021 – January 3 2022

Brimming with heart and humour, this high-energy retelling of Carlo Collodi’s classic tale of a wooden puppet who yearns to be a real child sees The North Wall transformed into a magical wonderland.

A heart-warming and festive reminder that we all get back together in the end.

Robin Hood at the Oxford Playhouse, Oxford

Dec 21 2021 – Jan 9 2022

Feared by the bad, loved by the good, taking from the rich to give to the poor. Robin Hood and his Merry Band are our favourite outlaws, especially when they treat us to songs, dance, laughter, and derring-do in an Oxford Playhouse Christmas Panto! Robin and his Merry Gang live in Sherwood Forest to escape crippling taxes and the out-and-out nastiness of the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. Will our rebel heroes get the better of him, find a way to outwit the forces of evil and build a brighter future? Come along and find out and share in the magic and sparkle that is Christmas at Oxford Playhouse. Sher-wood be a crime to miss it!

Get ready to shout for the goodies, boo the baddies, sing along with the merry folk in green tights and cheer all the heroes who’ve come to our rescue in these extraordinary times!

Oxford Mail: Robin Hood at the Oxford Playhouse. Picture: Geraint LewisRobin Hood at the Oxford Playhouse. Picture: Geraint Lewis

Cinderella at the Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames

December 11 - 30

Cinderella lives under the calloused and gnarly thumbs of her family, until chance encounters with a magical fairy and a handsome prince change everything, allowing her to believe in a life outside of her daily grind.

The road to true love is never smooth, and Cinderella’s family will do everything possible to stand in her way. But with belief in her dreams, a pure heart, and a little sprinkling of fairy magic, Cinders will go to the ball!

Oxford Mail: Cinderella at the Kenton Theatre Cinderella at the Kenton Theatre

Dick Whittington at the Unicorn Theatre, Abingdon

January 7 to 15 2022

The classic tale of a young lad going to London to make his fortune and his adventures with new best friend, Tommy the cat. Boo the villains and cheers the heroes as pantomime returns to the Unicorn Theatre!

Oxford Mail: Dick Whittington at the Unicorn TheatreDick Whittington at the Unicorn Theatre

Robin Hood: A Musical-Pantomime at the Wykham Theatre, Banbury

January 20 to 22 2022

Robin Hood arrives in Banbury as Avocet Theatre Company return to tell this classic tale with a unique ATC twist!

Featuring a hilarious script and brilliant musical numbers,Banbury's favourite pantomime specialists return to bring this dazzling summer pantomime spectacle to Wykham Theatre. The show promises to be fun for all the family!


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