STRANGE lights have been spotted in the sky over Oxford - have you seen them? 

Reader Irene Eirini shared a video with us and is hoping to get answers to what these bright beams of light she watched flashing above Botley actually are.

Irene asked: “Any other reporting? Do you have an explanation?”

In 2007, the Mail reported how an object, described as "a slow-moving, orange light" was seen passing over Witney during the lunar eclipse. READ MORE HERE>>

There were also reports of one or more unidentified objects flying over Oxford.

Witnesses said: "There was no sound at all. It was very strange."

One said it was not a plane, and could not have been a meteorite, as it changed direction.

RAF Brize Norton and Oxford airport said no aircraft had been taking off or landing at the time of the eclipse and no unusual reports had been received.

If you saw the strange lights in Botley, or photographed or videoed them, let us know. You can send us pictures here. 


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