A nursery manager contacted police after a convicted paedophile struck up a relationship with the mother of one of her pupils.

Sex offender Hayden Nolan, 29, failed to notify the woman of the scale of his sick offending in the past, hadn’t told social services about the relationship and did not tell police that he was living with the mum-of-four.

Jailing him for 10 months at Oxford Crown Court on Tuesday after he admitted breaching the terms of his sexual harm prevention order and sex offender notification requirements, Judge Ian Pringle QC said: “These orders are put in place for a specific reason.”

Earlier, prosecutor Dr Robert Lindsey told the court that Nolan was first made subject to the sex offender orders in 2014 for having consensual sex in a park with a then 15-year-old girl.

Five years later, in 2019, he was jailed for almost two-and-a-half years for sending vile sexualised messages via social media app Kik to what he thought was a 13-year-old girl. The account was actually operated by a police officer.

Shortly after being released from his most recent prison sentence he met then started a relationship with a mum-of-four, who lived only with her two youngest children – aged two and three.

On September 6, the manager of the nursery attended by the two children saw Nolan and his new partner drop the youngsters off. The couple did the same on September 9.

The nursery manager knew of the boyfriend’s crooked past and called police.

“The police subsequently disclosed the defendant’s previous convictions and it became apparent to them she didn’t have full knowledge,” Dr Lindsey said.

The terms of his sexual harm prevention order and his sex offender notification requirements meant he was not allowed to have contact with under-18s unless their parents or guardian were aware of his previous convictions, had to tell social services of any new relationship and let police know if he was staying at a new address.

Dr Lindsey said social services were not aware of the new relationship.

Mitigating, Gordanna Austin told the court that Nolan met his new partner through mutual friends and family while doing ‘work on cars’.

The qualified mechanic ‘fully accepted his responsibility for both of the charges’. He had been ‘somewhat confused’ about the requirement to tell social services about a new relationship but accepted he should have notified the police officer supervising him.

Nolan, of Bernwood Road, Bicester, pleaded guilty at the magistrates’ court to breaching a sexual harm prevention order and notification requirements. Both orders will continue after his release from prison.

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