A SUSTAINABLE children’s clothing shop, that aims to inspire confidence and kindness, has opened in the city.

Ducky Zebra was set up by East Oxford resident Sally Dear in 39 in October and it has now opened a pop-up shop in the Covered Market.

The brand sells sustainable, unisex kid's clothes that aim to be free from gender stereotypes.

Oxford Mail: Sustainable kid's clothing store, Ducky Zebra, opens in the Covered Market. Picture: Ed Nix

Sally explained: “When my daughter was four years old she mentioned she could not be a taxi driver – because she was a girl.

“At the time my job was really busy, I was commuting from Oxford to London, and it just made me stop and see the world through her eyes and I became much more aware of the books she was reading, the TV she was watching, the language she was hearing and the clothes she was wearing.

“I saw suddenly that girl’s clothes were pink, pastel colours, magic, fairies, cute pictures and there were a lot of messages about kindness but not necessarily about confidence.

“At that point, I decided I wanted to do something about it and I wanted to do something about the clothes that she and other little girls were wearing.”

Just before the first lockdown in March 2020 Sally quit her London marketing job, to start her new kid’s clothing line – initially focusing on girl’s clothing only.

She said: “There have been a number of challenges, with Covid we obviously had various lockdowns here, balancing home schooling, freelancing to raise the funds, and getting the business of the ground.

“It was in those early days that I realised things were just as bad, if not worse for boys.

“Their clothes were often dull and sludgy in colour with teeth bearing predators, with messages of bravery and heroism. There were a lot of messages about confidence, but not a lot of messages around kindness.

“So I changed course and decided I wanted to create clothes that celebrated girls and boys equally - I also realised at that point that it’s really expensive setting up a business.”

Oxford Mail: Sustainable kid's clothing store, Ducky Zebra, opens in the Covered Market. Picture: Ed Nix

As well as selling clothes free from gender stereotypes, Sally said she did not want to add to the ‘negative impact’ the fashion industry has on the world, in terms of carbon emissions and wastewater.

To tackle the negative effects from the production line, Sally chose a family-run factory in India that works to ensure safe conditions for workers and produce sustainable items, including growing organic cotton that requires 91 per cent less water and emits 46 per cent less greenhouse gases than non-organic.

You can visit Sally's business in the Covered Market or online at duckyzebra.com

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