A SEASONED photographer has used his skills to call out a disgusting habit of some dog walkers.

Tim Turan, 61, from Cowley, while walking his dog called Wooftallini over lockdown, noticed the number of dog poo bags that were left full hanging from trees and bushes.

Tim decided to do something about it and started taking photos of every bag he saw, and soon enough he had enough images to make a calendar.

He said: “We were always walking the dog in Brasenose and Bagley Wood over lockdown.

“One day I noticed a really horrible maroon poo bag hanging unceremoniously from a branch and I thought who put that there – they are pretty disgusting things at the best of times.

“So I took a photo of it and about three days later there was another green one in another bush, so I took a photograph of that and soon enough I started amassing all these photographs of poo bags, which my friends found hilarious.”

Tim, who takes all his photos on his phone, was then tagged in a challenge on Facebook, asking him to post his ten favourite photos of 2020, and he ended up publishing 10 photos of different poo bags.

His friends started commenting on how funny the pictures were, and so Tim decided he would make some joke calendars for a few friends.

Oxford Mail: Cowley resident Tim Turan creates 'Poo Bags of Oxford' to call out the disgusting habitCowley resident Tim Turan creates 'Poo Bags of Oxford' to call out the disgusting habit

The audio mastering engineer, who works for local and international artists and bands, said: “Some were amused about why I bothered to take these photos of poo bags, so I thought, well I’ll make a calendar.

“I made one or two as a joke to give to friends as a Christmas present and after I posted it on Facebook requests started piling in saying ‘oh can I have that’, ‘my dad has got a job and I want to give him that for Christmas’.”

After a ‘tonne of requests’ last Christmas, Tim decided to create the calendar again this year – with all new pictures.

Despite spending almost two years taking photos of dog-walkers disgusting habits, Tim still has not decided why people decide to hang the bags in the trees.

“I think it's just laziness,” he explained.

“These bags can hang around forever, even though they say they are degradable.

“I’ve seen the same poo bags adorning the bushes and trees of the woods for weeks and weeks on end.

“It’s a really bizarre issue where people think they have to adjourn trees and bushes with these horrible artifacts.

“Instead of the calendars of Oxford Colleges, Christchurch meadow, people can now get ‘Poo Bags of Oxford’."

Each photograph in the calendar is captioned Tim explained: “The food bin near Donnington Bridge was so full, and people were just hanging it all in a tree nearby, so I called it Armageddon – because it looked like the end of the world.”

The calendars cost £15 and you can order one by emailing tim@turanaudio.co.uk

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