As Omicron cases rise Plan B Covid measures are set to be implemented from Monday.

Boris Johnson has advised people to work from home and has made mask wearing mandatory for most public indoor areas, such as shops, cinemas and theatres starting from Monday.

The NHS Covid pass will also be mandatory to access indoor and outdoor venues where large crowds gather.

We asked commuters and shoppers in Oxford city centre what they thought of the new Covid rules.

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Silvia Imberti said: “We have to do what we have to do; it is not finished until we defeat it. I usually work from home, so it is not too different for me. But I think the office will probably close now.”

Susan Johnson explained she is retired so does not work in an office anyway. She added: "I wear a mask and I think everybody should wear one.”

Kate Ferguson said: “I have only been back in the office for three days a week anyway, so I will just go back to working from home, I don’t think it is that hard.”

However, some people in Oxford are not impressed with the restrictions after allegations that Downing Street held a Christmas party last year when gatherings were strictly banned.

John Smith said: “After the footage of the Government joking about the Christmas party, I don’t think people will take it seriously. I work at Oxford Uni so I have to wear a mask at work, but outside of work you will not catch me wearing one.”


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