Oxford Mail readers have been discussing police patrolling outside a city school following reports of unsafe parking by parents and carers at drop-off time.

Officers from Jericho and North Oxford team were at St Barnabas C of E Primary School which is on Hart Street.

TVP Oxford tweeted: “For your child’s safety please use appropriate bays and avoid parking on the zig zags which can lead to enforcement action and points on your licence.”

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Readers on the newspaper’s Facebook page discussed the potential benefits of walking and cycling to school and said others schools experienced the same problem.

Some readers added that a visit from police officers only helped in the short term and once they left parents would return to parking in an unsafe manner.

MICHAEL WHIPP: “They don’t come down our street on a school day.”

DAVID CAMERON-YOUNG: “Give them a ticket then!”

CHRIS HEAL: “Nothing new is it. Ban parking around all schools and make them walk.”

HARRY GRIFFITHS: “Chris Heal I agree if it’s within two to three miles that’s easy walking or cycling distance.”

ANDY BEAL: “Chris Heal walk up to five miles?”

CHRIS HEAL: “Andy Beal better than all these bloody Range Rovers and the sort parking on pavements creating innumerable hazards for other road users and pedestrians.”

MATHEW JONES: “It’s been like that for years so why complain now.”

CRAIG SMITH: “Or you could pay 25,000 for private schools and park in the school grounds.”

UMUT BAYSAN: “Hopefully we will see similar enforcements around other schools in Oxford too. East Oxford Primary (near Cowley Road) has this exact same problem. The school management is completely incapable of dealing with this problem, although it is parents at the school who systematically illegally park their cars around drop-off and pick-up times.”

WARREN CARTWRIGHT: “Provide a free transport service within the catchment area. Problem solved.”

SARAH SELKIRK: “Unfortunately not many drivers appear to know the highway code!

“This happens at most schools, including parking on junctions causing other drivers to not be able to see.

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“Highway Code states you must not park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space.”

CHERIE-LYNN GREGORY: “This is a joke.

“They won’t come to Kingham.”

EMMA COOPER: “Go to Launton it’s ridiculous and dangerous.”

MICHAEL THOMPSON: “Don’t go near Cheney - then you be in for more paperwork.”

BEN SMITH: “I’m 100% behind this. I thought there was a new scheme where you could submit illegal parking photos to the authorities too.”

SANDRA STOWE: “You should come up Brantwood Rise at school time.

“I have a mobility scooter a pavement one and I have to go up the middle of the road and risk the moving traffic as I can’t get past.

“They block the whole pavement - it needs a few traffic wardens to give out tickets - they would make a bomb.”

MATTHEW WIXEY: “A parent seems quite happy to put someone else’s child in danger to protect their own.

“All the animal instincts on display at the school gates.”

PETE BOND: "The sad fact is that many parents who drive their children to school don’t give tuppence about the safety of any other children.

“The day after the police visited my child’s school, things were back to the normal dangerous situation.

“There’s so many cars parked on the ‘school keep clear’ zig zags you wouldn’t even know they were there.”

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OXFORD MAIL READER: "Same in our village. The only thing these parents will take notice of is a fine, and points on their licence.

“If the police were savvy enough to deploy proper officers with a few breathalyser kits between now and the end of term at 3pm, I’m willing to bet a few of the ‘yummy mummies’ who lunch would be off the road for a few terms.

“But will the police attend the rural schools? Probably more chance of seeing Santa flying over.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Be sure that after the dust has settled, given time it will be back to parking as before.”