STUDENTS “chanting” on the way home from nightclubs has been causing “significant” problems in Oxford.

Speaking at a council meeting, Dr Christopher Smowton (speaking on behalf of fellow Lib-Dem councillor Katherine Miles) said: “On multiple nights of the week, particularly Wednesdays, there are a large number of students chanting as they travel to and from the Cowley Road to go to nightclubs.”

“They cause significant disturbance to residents in the area but the individuals involved are not identifiable and there seems to be no resource via the council, police or the community complaint line at Oxford Brookes.”

He questioned how the council’s updated Antisocial Behaviour Policy 2022-25 would help.

The new policy states that the council is fully committed to dealing with “conduct capable of causing a nuisance or annoyance” for people in their own homes but does not make clear if it covers noise from late night party-goers.

Councillor Louise Upton, who is the cabinet member for a safer, healthier Oxford said she has liaised with the council departments to help tackle the issue.

“It is probably a perennial problem,” she acknowledged.

“After the reports we had, our out-of-hours team have been patrolling those areas for several Wednesday nights on the trot. Apparently, there has not been much activity on the past few Wednesdays and I am hoping this may have calmed down.

“We meet with the university security services, Brookes are a fairly good partner in trying to deal with this, but we will continue to do that and (meet) with local police.”