A STATIONERY shop has been gifted a miniature version which has proudly gone in its Christmas window display.

Scriptum owner Azeem Zakria was amazed when one of his customers, Lizzie Cantopher, came in with the ornate 1:12 replica of his Turl Street shop.

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He said: “She arrived with it and it was a complete surprise. It’s remarkable, all the detail.

“It’s a true representation of the shop with the attention to detail, you have to see it to believe it.

“The fact she put so much time in to make it and didn’t want any money, it was very generous.

“It’s something very special for me. Normally every year in the window, we try and put something that represents the shop.”

Oxford Mail: Picture: Ed NixPicture: Ed Nix

In 2019, Scriptum scooped the best window display gong at the Stationery Awards.

Property investor Ms Cantopher said waiting for glue to dry meant the whole process was three months but in terms of working days, she estimates it took a week to build the tiny Scriptum.

She said: “My grandfather was a model maker but it had no impact on me, only when my brother said about making a room two years ago.

“I went into Scriptum looking for things for the room and Azeem said about commissioning one for Scriptum.

“I didn’t want any money but gave it a go and had a dream about the shop – I made it from that, it came out of my imagination.

“I made two, one for Scriptum and one I’ve kept for myself.

“I absolutely loved doing it and I’ve had people ask me to do it for them, I’m hoping I can take commissions from doing this now as I really enjoyed it.”

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