PUPILS in Years 1 and 2 have been sent home from school after being in contact with an Omicron case.

The 'Jellyfish' class at Heyford Park Primary School were sent home on Monday after the class had been in contact with a suspected Omicron case.

Last night the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) confirmed that it had identified a case of the Omicron variant in a person associated with the school.

A letter addressed to parents said that all pupils and siblings who attend Heyford Park School should self-isolate until midnight on December 9.

An onsite, mobile PCR testing site has now been set up at the school and all parents with a child in the Jellyfish class have been told to bring their child to receive a test.

The testing site will be open between 11am and 1pm on Friday December 3 and Saturday December 4.

A worried parent told the Oxford Mail that pupils were told late on Monday evening by the executive head that their child had been in close contact with a suspected Omicron case.

The children were told to isolate themselves along with any other siblings at the school.
On Tuesday, the parent said he was told that children could return to school if they had a negative PCR test – but by Wednesday evening, he said they were told once again that they must isolate, but any siblings could return.

Last night, however, he said parents were told by text it was an Omicron case, and a letter followed.

The news comes as an Omicron Covid case was confirmed in West Oxfordshire last night and this morning two suspected Omicron cases were linked to a college at the University of Oxford.

Heyford Park School and UKHSA have been contated for a statement.


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