A new driverless vehicle started transporting passengers around Harwell Science and Innovation campus this week.

The bright yellow shuttle does not have a streering wheel nor pedals, yet, there is a operator on board in case of an emergency.

It has been described by Emily Gravestock, from the UK Space Agency, as “the future of public transport."

This service will help to demonstrate the potential of self-driving vehicles to operate in a real-world setting.

As it is electric, it is greener, safer and more efficient.

The shuttle is insured by Aviva, which will use data collected by the shuttle to better understand the evolving mobility market.

The service runs during weekdays, morning to evening, transporting up to 15 passengers; it runs at 14mph – the speed limit on campus is 20mph.

There is no cost to ride the shuttle, and it is currently available to campus pass-holders and registered guests.

Would you you feel confortable driving on a bus without a driver? Let us know bellow.


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