THE PUBLIC has been warned not to give money to a man who is pretending to be homeless.

Police spotted the man in Thame on Greyhound Walk.

He had this sign in front of him which says 'I am very hungry, God bless you'.

Officers from TVP South Oxon and Vale of White Horse say he is part of a well-known organised crime group throughout the UK. 

Writing on Facebook, the force explained: "This individual was presenting as homeless and was begging with a sign in front of him.

"There have been many reports of begging in the area and Thames Valley Police recognise these that these individuals are not presenting as genuinely homeless and are part of a well-known organised crime group throughout the UK.

"If you wish to donate money, please do so by donating to a reputable charity.

"If you encounter a person presenting themselves as homeless & begging, please consider this may not be genuine and contact the police on 101 or report it online through our website."

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