AN OXFORD pub has given the phrase ‘killing two birds with one stone’ a new meaning after receiving three taxidermy birds.

It is the latest in a bizarre saga involving east Oxford boozer, The Star.

Last month, stuffed owl ‘Hooty McOwlerson’ – also known as ‘Owly’ – was stolen from the Rectory Road pub.

An appeal by landlord Gus Rogers to track down Owly was successful when a pub regular spotted the taxidermy bird at a student party.

Soon enough, a student brought back the owl, saying ‘some boys’ had left it at her house following a party.

After Owly was returned, the pub threw a ‘welcome home party’ with a special DJ set to celebrate his return.

Oxford Mail: Hooty McOwlerson upon his return to The StarHooty McOwlerson upon his return to The Star

The festivities were short-lived though when Mr Rogers realised Woody Woodpecker (of the taxidermy kind, not the animated version) had gone missing.

Mr Rogers told the Oxford Mail last month: “Woody is fortunately in perfect view of one of our CCTV cameras, so I looked back at the footage, and after only five minutes, found the exact moment when Woody was yanked off his screws and shoved in a bag by a couple of merry bird smugglers.”

While Woody remains on the loose – via a night out at Plush – the pub has received three taxidermy birds from his birdnapper.

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Brian Duggan, who works at the pub, said: “We had the woodpeckers taken but he apologised and sent us three birds on two separate displays – it was really nice of him.

“The whole thing has maybe taught us we need to nail down everything in the pub and be a bit more careful with what we have out.

“It’s tricky because of course we like to have trust in the customers.

“We’ve had lots of people asking about it and what the latest news is – it’s been a good conversation with the customers.”

Oxford Mail: Owly upon his return. Picture: The StarOwly upon his return. Picture: The Star

Fellow pub employee Issy Thain added: “Initially we didn’t notice Woody had gone missing.

“We searched the pub and found the CCTV and then the guy came in and apologised, he didn’t know where Woody was.

“He gave us the new birds though and we’re going to nail them down this time.

“We need to work out where they’ll go as at the moment, they’re still behind the bar.

“We’ve had a lot of people asking about Owly and it’s been exactly the same with Woody.”

Woody is part of a pair alongside Willy, who is said to be lonely without his partner.