Oxford Mail readers have been giving their views on persistent coughs and colds - which tests have shown are not Covid-19.

Many people have got cold symptoms and a cough that just won’t budge, and after doing a lateral flow test realise it is not Covid.

We asked readers on our Facebook page: “Has everyone got a cough in Oxford?”

Last month many people said they were suffering a ‘super cold’ and for some it has not yet gone away.

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One Oxfordshire pharmacist said more people were buying cough medicine, lozenges and being prescribed inhalers.

The Government has been trying to get more people than ever to have a flu vaccine.

Health officials are worried as it will be the first year both Covid and flu will circulate at the same time, so they want everyone who’s eligible to get it.

More than 40 million people across the UK are being offered a flu jab, including for the first time, all secondary-school children up to the age of 16.

KAREN MUSILOVA: “Well, yes obviously - because its winter.

“Colds and flu still exist, despite what the media may tell us! Not every cough means Covid!

“It may well be just a coincidence, but I’ve had every bug going since having my Covid jabs months ago - I also noticed that the same thing happened when I had the flu jab in the past!”

EMMA COOPER: “It’s that time of year for cold and flu and unfortunately some people don’t make it, but it will be put down as Covid.”

WILLIAM ROBINSON: “That’s what happens when you lock people in their houses over a winter period - this winter is going to be horrendous for colds/coughs and viruses.”

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KIMBERLEY HERMON: “I disagree, I’ve not ever had Covid thankfully. Yet I can’t seem to shift my ‘cold’ for over a month now! It keeps coming and going.”

ELLOUISE VINE: “Kimberley Hermon same here, how strange.”

JESSICA WALKER: “Same as me - I’ve had a cold for nearly seven weeks now - it’s doing my head in.”

SPENCER CALLOW: “Kimberley Hermon I’m the same.”

KAREN MUSILOVA: “Kimberley Hermon same here, definitely not Covid though.

“It may be unrelated, but I’ve been perpetually ill since I had my vaccines months ago! I also noticed that having the flu jab in the past made me get way more ill than I do without it!”

CLAIRE LOUISE: “Same for us and especially my son with the flu jab. I hope you feel better soon.”

LUKE HASSAN: “I’ve had a cold/cough three times in the last two months.”

GLYN PLESTED: “It’s nearly December, getting colder so yes you are probably going to get a cough or cold.”

GEMMA HARDING: “Yes it’s called cough cold and flu season.”

DAVE STRIBLING: “Yes because it’s winter.”

TRACEY KELLY: “My kids have.”

AMANDA MITCHELL: “Yes but mine’s from Covid.”


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ELI HOUSE: “Yes, I have had a cough for about a year but it got worse with a recent cold.”

KIMBERLEY BOYD: “Yes but mine’s Covid.”

JOANNA CRAMPHORN: “If you have symptoms, a lateral flow is not enough.

“Just this week a colleague tested negative on several LFs, then positive on a PCR test.”

JESS HOLDSWORTH: “It’s almost like it’s that time of the year.”

RICHARD PILL: “Air pollution is a contributory factor and needs nationwide traffic reduction action now Boris Johnson and Grant Shapps.”

KAYLEIGH TYRRELL: “No, I don’t have a cough but I do have a cold.”

KIM LOUISE: “Not me I’m unjabbed, never felt better - I don’t wear a mask or use hand wash - I use soap and water.”

NICOLA TINKHAM: “And everyone’s apparently getting a super cold - well everyone who wore a mask all day even in their own homes!”

RACHEL COOK: “It’s the time of the year - coughs, colds, flu - just get on with it.”

DAN LITT: “I blame the kids, they somehow manage to breed the most debilitating colds you’ve ever experienced while they’re at school.”

LISA KNIGHT: “Yes me - I’ve had it for two weeks now.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “People’s immune systems are down after wearing masks for so long.”