Oxford Mail readers have been giving their views on how e-scooters should be regulated on Oxfordshire’s roads.

We asked readers on the newspaper’s Facebook page: “Owners of e-scooters could be obliged to display number plates and have compulsory insurance - do you agree?” and they responded with a variety of views.

Some readers were in favour of increased regulation while others were not.

Last month the trial of e-scooters in Oxford is now being expanded.

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Since its launch in February in Headington, the e-scooter trial by Oxfordshire County Council and partner Voi Technology has attracted 9,400 unique users to sign up to use the app-enabled scooters.

After launching in Headington, the expansion of the trial covered Marston, Cowley, Hinksey, Iffley, Rose Hill, Barton and Florence Park.

Then the scooters were launched across the city centre, and can now be seen parked in many different locations including Frideswide Square and Becket Street. There are 24 new city centre racks and parking bays.

Rented scooters can use roads and cycle lanes within the trial area but are illegal to use on pavements, Voi said.

SAM BAKER: “Yes, as should cyclists.”

JENNIFER AUGUST: “What about electric bikes? Are they required to have a number plate and insurance?”

CALLY HILL: “And mobility scooters?”

BARRY JAMES: “Jennifer August these are still classed as human powered but motor assisted. Power is limited by law, so fall under the same laws as bicycles.”

APATI ZSOLT: “I would ban them from everywhere.

They fast, tiny, quiet, and none of them (with a very tiny percentage only) wearing any visibility aids and uses lights.

Sometime they just show up from the blindspots, and they wonder why I won’t give a way to them.”

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DONNA RANKIN: “Absolutely. And they should have a full licence too.”

SEAN STANLEY: “What about mobility scooters that go on the road?”

CHRIS RUSSELL-GRAY: “Sean Stanley if they go more than 4mph then they have to have insurance and be registered with the DVLA.

“Although the authorities probably don’t stop and check them like with the e-scooters.”

ALICE STYLES: “All bikes should have number plates and tax and insurance and especially front and back lights.”

DAVID ENGLAND: “Lights on bikes would be a good start.”

CLARE WINTERBOURNE: “I thought they were ‘illegal’ so how are you supposed to get insurance?”

SUE LEWIS: “Yes they should and so should cyclists, they should me made to take some responsibility for themselves and their actions.”

LINDA DASHWOOD: “Yes but the main worry is they ride on pavements and ignore traffic lights.”

ALAN HUNTLEY: “Ban them.”

SALLY RIDGE: “They should have to wear crash helmets/bike helmets and pay tax too.”

CHRIS HEAL: “Sally Ridge pay tax on what? They don’t have any emissions, they are required to wear helmets already.”

CODY LING: “Pay tax for what? It;’s not like you’re damaging the roads/paths.”

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MATTHEW GREEN: “Cody Ling since when was tax related to use?”

CODY LING: “In all fairness its one of those things you can have an argument about all day with.”

SALLY RIDGE: “Fair point on the tax, but they are illegal on the roads.”

RICHARD HAWKES: “You can own one but are only allowed legally to ride it on private land, with permission.”

ALEKSANDRA KLINSKA: “Yes, make sure that they are registered, traceable, insured and power limited.

“They can significantly reduce traffic and pollution in busy cities.”


JENNIFER YERBURY: “Yes and mobility scooters.”

STEVE EVANS: “Yes, so should cyclists. Any mode of transport whether by pedal or electric power using the highways which includes pavements should have a licence plate and insurance.”

STEVE GRAHAM: “Yes and taxed, and electric bikes should be the same.”

ALAN BEAMES: “All electric bikes, scooters, bicycles should be registered, require a driving licence and insurance.”

ADAM WILLIAMS: “And bikes too.”

LES GRAY: “I agree plus lights fitted.”

ASH SMITH: “They have lights, front and back Les.”