In the last three months, there have been a number of spiking incidents reported to police in Oxfordshire, as believe they have been spiked in their drinks and via needles.

‘Spiking’ refers to when someone is given alcohol or drugs without their knowledge, usually in a drink. A person may be spiked for the intent of stealing from the victim, assaulting them sexually or physically or as an attempted joke.

Rohypnol (or Roofie) and Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) are the most commonly known ‘date-rape’ drugs which spike drinks and are used to commit physical and sexual assaults against a victim.

Spiking by injection instead describes the act of one person spiking another, but instead of using a drink, it is done through a needle.

Research by the BBC revealed there were 2,600 reports of drink-spiking incidents in England and Wales between 2015 and 2019, with a majority of incidents effecting women. 

However, many more cases may go unreported due to shame or embarrassment. 

In Oxfordshire, the Oxford Mail has been told about three reported spiking incidents in the last three months, two of which have been allegedly involved needles.

George Street, Oxford

Oxford Mail: George Street in OxfordGeorge Street in Oxford

At the beginning of October an 18-year old woman told the Oxford Mail she believed her drink was spiked in a bar on George Street in Oxford.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke out to warn others about the dangers.

She said how she met friends at a bar, had two cocktails and then suddenly felt very unwell.

She was helped home by friends and was left feeling unwell for days.   

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Oxford Mail: Various pubs and bars in Abingdon which Molly Hargreaves visitedVarious pubs and bars in Abingdon which Molly Hargreaves visited

On Halloween weekend another woman believed she was spiked while out with friends on a bar crawl, but this time this was from a needle.

Molly Hargreaves, 19, of Geoffrey Barbour Road in Abingdon, told the Oxford Mail the experience has left her ‘scared’ to go out.

Molly made the horrific realisation that she may have been injected when she started to feel unwell – and later noticed a bruise appear on her arm near a puncture mark.

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The Bridge, Oxford

Oxford Mail: The photo the victim shared on FacebookThe photo the victim shared on Facebook

On November 21, a third woman reported being spiked by a needle in Oxford city centre.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared a photograph of her bloody arm on Facebook. She said: "Please be careful going out in Oxford. Been injected in Bridge and I know of similar in [another night club]. Always look around and be aware of who's behind you/in front of you."

Police officers were called at around 2.15am Sunday morning to reports of a spiking incident.

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