I HAVE wanted to go to Blenheim’s Christmas light trail for so long.

For years now, I’ve seen magical photographs of the stately home lit up with more than a million twinkling lights adorning the pages of the Oxford Mail.

But every Christmas, something comes up and I can’t go!

So, this year, on a mission to tick some things off the bucket list – I decided to hunt down some tickets. Joining me on the adventure was my boyfriend, armed with his camera to take pictures and absolutely zero expectations.

I was so excited to get in and have a look around but I was also very hungry.

As we walked through the archway into the palace, a smiley man in a bright-pink high-vis asked if we knew where to go and what to do. “Is there any food here?” I asked, ready to eat my own arm.

He laughed, nearly spitting out his tea, pointing me in the direction the Christmas market (which I thought started next month!)

There were rows and rows of wooden chalets offering more drinks and food than I know exist. It smelt like good times – the sweet lingering smell from chocolate and banana crepes and fried onions from the burger vans.

We both got a chicken wrap and went on a mission to find the start of the trail.

It was busy but in a good way – quiet enough to be able to walk around and not mega packed like Winter Wonderland in London, yet not silent. 

Oxford Mail:

The trail starts in the woodlands, which are illuminated in bright neon green and blue colours – it was 7pm at this point so it’s pitch-black outside and there’s also a full moon.

Oxford Mail:

It winds through the historic grounds, every twist and turn another surprise.  

Oxford Mail:

Each area had a theme – a giant Christmas tree with bright flashing lights with chirpy jingles soon winded into a delicate bed of lit-up colour-changing roses with slow music.

Oxford Mail: The colour changing roses in pinkThe colour changing roses in pink

Oxford Mail: Colour changing roses in blue!Colour changing roses in blue!

I thought we’d reached the end of the experience when the path led to the back of the palace for a lazer light show – which we’d actually seen beaming into the skies on the drive through Woodstock.

Oxford Mail:

But as we turned the corner the lakes were full of lanterns on fire and there were more surprises to come.

Oxford Mail:

Every single point of the trail was thought about – including a tennis court  with a green light zooming from one side to the other.

There was even a little pit-stop where Santa had arrived to say hello to the children.

I don’t want to spoil it all, but I genuinely can’t recommend it enough. It’s gorgeous and really special.  

Am I kicking myself for never going before? Yes!

Will I be returning? Double yes! (Possibly even this year when I show my mum this story!)

For an extra charge, you can head into the palace for the nutcracker experience.

Each room was kitted out with a nutcracker story and a little surprise. I think this part of the Christmas at Blenheim experience is better for little children, or those who simply want to have a snoop at the inside of the palace.

But for me, it worked well as a nice spot for pictures.

Here are some of my favourite picture pit-stops: 

Oxford Mail: A giant Christmas treeA giant Christmas tree

Oxford Mail: A flower arch!A flower arch!

Oxford Mail: The mirrors!The mirrors!

At the end there's an adorable little tree to add your Christmas wish too.

Oxford Mail:

Oxford Mail:

Oxford Mail:

Tickets cost £22.50 for entry to the lights trial and £16 for children.



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