Costa's Christmas menu is finally out, and eagle-eyed fans think they've spotted a typo on one of the foodie-favourites.

Pictures of the 'mince tart' circulated social media earlier this week with the 'hilarious' spelling error printed on the front.

Instead of saying 'Mince Tart' the product was pictured as 'Minge Tart' on the Costa shelves.

Oxford Mail: Steve Waddup posted the 'hilarious' image in the Bicester Chat Facebook GroupSteve Waddup posted the 'hilarious' image in the Bicester Chat Facebook Group

One man, shared a snap of his 'find' on the Bicester Chat Facebook group.

He said: "Wowzers, I see Costa's new Christmas menu is out."

Replying, one woman said: "OMG! I actually just laughed out loud in the middle of training."

Kay Turner asked: "Is this actually a thing?"

But when the Oxford Mail contacted Costa to ask what had happened, a spokesperson said there had been no error and that all pictures were edited.

Oxford Mail:

The correct tart features a prominent C instead of a G, as seen in this example from the Costa Coffee in the Westgate centre.


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