JEREMY Clarkson's farm shop has racked up nearly 100 reviews on TripAdvisor from adoring fans who have made the trek to take a look inside.

The farm shop is listed as number 8 in TripAdvisor’s top 12 things to do in Chipping Norton.

It has 82 reviews, of those 13 people say it’s ‘terrible’ and another 15 people say it’s ‘average’.

Oxford Mail: The Diddly Squat Farm Shop opened in 2020

However, the majority, at 43 say it’s ‘very good’.

The ex-Top Gear host swapped Porsches for potatoes as he threw open the doors to his farm shop, which is on Chipping Norton Road, for the first time to the public in February 2020.

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Here are some of the best reviews:

276jcd gave a five-star rating out of five to his visit and named his review “Pilgrimage for Clarkson fans”.

He wrote: “If you enjoyed watching Clarkson’s Farm then visiting this place is quite frankly ‘genius’. Yes, it is very, very busy and yes, it is expensive, however the atmosphere was fantastic.

“In truth, to see the farm and the shop in full swing was heart warming. From the car park attendants, the bar staff and the farm celebs in action, there was an inspirational work ethic to anyone and everyone.”

Oxford Mail:

One thing that almost every reviewer agreed on was the long queues.

Hazza1982 visited the farm being well aware of what to expect. The reviewer decided not to queue for the main shop and visited the pop-up shop instead, describing his visit as “Great”.

“We did our research first, so we expected a q, and we expected it to be busy. We loved having our photos taken outside the sign.

"We didn’t queue for the main shop having a boisterous 4- and 6-year-old but we did for the pop-up shop which had a fast moving queue.”

Lisamonroe70 and her sons got to meet Jeremy during their visit and described it as a “lovely day out”.

On the other hand, other reviewers were not very happy with their visit.  

A reviewer going by the name K2874JVrobinc was one of the 13 people who said the farm shop was 'terrible.

For this reviewer the place was too crowded: "Too many people and massive queues to get in the little shop."

Giving one star out of five to the visit, this reviewer wrote that he would not be rushibng back.

GMYM295424 advise for others who wish to visit the farm was "don't bother"; the reviewer 'loves' Jeremy Clarkson, yet he believes that "this place doesn't do his name justice or credit."

He decided not to enter the farm shop as the queue had too many people, and described the shop "just bigger" than his garden shed. 

According to the reviewer, food was delicious and the people were lovely, but the prices "were too high for what you got".

There was also an issue with the portaloos at the back of the lambing barn, and described them as disgusting as they did not have any water and "stank". 

He rated his visit one star out of five.


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