THE UK terrorism threat level has been raised from 'substantial' to 'severe', but what does this mean for Oxford?

The precautionary measure follows the recent attack in Liverpool, which is still being investigated.

It means the possibility of an attack has been moved from 'likely' to 'highly likey', and the decision - made by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre - was driven by two terrorist incidents in the past month.

But what does this mean for Oxford? 

What have Thames Valley Police said?

  • There is no specific intelligence to indicate an immediate threat against any location or person within the region. However, it is continually reviewing this.
  • There will be some public protection measures that people will see, but some of them won't be visible.
  • Officers from across the Thames Valley and the country continue to work day and night to protect people against the threat of terrorism.

What to do if something doesn't 'feel' right?

Thames Valley Police says if you see or hear something 'that doesn't feel right', report it.

Counter Terrorism policing has an initiative called ACT, which encourages the public to report suspicious activity.

More information and online reporting can be found at 

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