Up to 2.5million Secret Santa gifts exchanged in UK workplaces this Christmas look set to end up in the bin rather than being donated, recycled or regifted, according to new research.

Based on average spend, this equates to a shocking £32,400,000 as almost one in 12 people revealed they would simply throw away a present they disliked.

The study, compiled by online printing specialists instantprint, also revealed the number of UK workers who dislike the Secret Santa tradition was found to have risen sharply from 19 per cent to 31 per cent since 2019 - prior to the pandemic.

One in eight workers even revealed that exchanging gifts with colleagues makes them anxious with one in 10 people saying they want it cancelled.

The majority of workers spend around £10 on a gift, according to the research, but one in four people spend £5.

Chocolate and sweets top the list of the most desired gift, followed by alcohol, candles and smellies, food related items and vouchers.

Unpopular items include framed photos of colleagues, rude or adult themed gifts, soft toys and items of clothing.

Despite the high numbers of gifts finding their way to landfills, encouragingly, almost a third of workers said they would donate an unwanted Secret Santa gift to charity where possible, and an additional 28 per cent would consider regifting the item. 

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