A THREE-STAR guesthouse has been shut down by oder of the magistrates' over concerns it was being used as a brothel.

The All Seasons Guesthouse on Windmill Road, opposite the Headington Conservative Club, was sealed up by police officers on Monday after the justices signed off a three-month closure order.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, neighbours described having seen men picked up outside the building and people knocking at their doors at night. While one customer described hearing 'sex noises' during their stay.

One man, 59, who did not want to be named, said he’d been surprised when police suggested it was suspected the building was being used as a brothel.

“You don’t expect that in your neighbourhood. I was surprised. We’ve all got kids. You don’t want that on your doorstep,” he said.

“We had noticed anti-social behaviour. We’ve been in touch with the police about it. [Things like] men being dropped off and picked up normally at the weekend. Whenever you looked up there you might see people loitering at the front.

“They’ve never disturbed us at night. We’ve just been conscious there’s been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing through the night. We thought it might be drugs at first.”

Another neighbour, a 43-year-old woman, said of the anti-social behaviour: “They’ve been knocking my doors, knocking the neighbours, drinking, everybody smoking, very loud in the car park.” On Monday night, the first for which the closure order was in operation, she had ‘slept very well’.

Writing about the closure order on social media, Oxford Police said: “The behaviour of those involved was causing a significant impact on the community resulting in distress and fear to local residents.

“Whilst we have a three-month closure order we intend to work with partner agencies and make sure that any potential victims of crime are safeguarded and offered appropriate support and care.”

The partial closure order prevents anyone except those named by the magistrates from entering the guesthouse.

The orders have been obtained with increasing frequency by Thames Valley Police, typically to prevent houses being used by drug gangs intent on taking advantage of vulnerable homeowners and tenants. It is unusual for them to be used to shut down brothels.

All Seasons Guesthouse was approached for comment. A note on its website says it is closed for decorations until February 15 next year.

According to hotel review site TripAdvisor, the venue holds a three-star rating. One patron, who stayed at the property in March, claimed in his review that 'prostitutes are operating here', describing the room as 'awful, dimly lit with mould on the walls'. The man wrote: "What made things worse is that there is an escort meeting numerous guys here all day long and the sex noises are terrible. The place is overpriced and filthy."

Other reviewers said the guest house was 'nice but out of the way' while staff were praised for being 'pleasant and sweet' and 'accommodating'.