THE beautiful skyline of Oxford's dreaming spires is one of the most photographed skylines in the UK.

People from Oxford are proud of their picturesque city, and it is one of the most snapped skylines, according to a new study carried out by image monitoring platform Pixsy.

The study analysed the number of Instagram posts of cities known for their iconic skylines across relevant hashtags such as #londonskyline and #glasgowcityscape. The number of posts was then cross-referenced against each city's annual visitor numbers and local populations to reveal the cityscapes that were most inspiring to tourists and residents alike.

Oxford was the eighth most photographed skyline in the UK looking at the total number of posts with 1,312 posts. However, London topped the charts with 269,786 total skyline posts.

According to the data for the most photographed skyline by total posts per resident, Oxford snapped sixth place with 0.008 posts per resident and Bath took first place with 0.036 posts per resident.

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Data for the most photographed skyline by total posts per visitor to the city put Oxford in eighth place with 0.0002 posts per visitor and London in first with 0.128 posts per visitor.

The UK’s Most Photographed Skylines by Total Posts:

1. London, England – 269,786 posts

2. Liverpool, Merseyside, England – 10,715 posts

3. Manchester, Greater Manchester, England – 10,019 posts

4. Edinburgh, Scotland – 8,268 posts

5. Bath, Somerset, England – 6,992 posts

6. Birmingham, West Midlands, England – 3,281 posts

7. Glasgow, Scotland – 2,422 posts

8. Oxford, Oxfordshire, England – 1,312 posts

9. Leeds, West Yorkshire, England – 1,296 posts

10. Bristol, England – 1,001 posts

It is safe to say that Oxford residents love to snap the city and capture is dreaming spires and the Oxford Mail Camera Club have taken some brilliant pictures of the city.

Photographer Jean Douglass snapped a fantastic sunset scene with the silhouette of Oxford's skyline and the orange glow of the sun behind it.

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Zac Knowles took a great picture of Oxford High Street looking a little quieter than usual. Mark Richey captured a hazy morning in Oxford with the dreaming spires peeking through.

Lucie Johnson has snapped a skyline with the sun rising and smoke coming out of chimneys. Ian Marriott captured the dreaming spires and surrounding countryside in his spectacular snap.

Skyline snaps from Camera Club: 

Oxford Mail: Jean DouglasJean Douglas

Oxford Mail: Zac KnowlesZac Knowles

Oxford Mail: Ian MarriottIan Marriott

Oxford Mail: Lucie JohnsonLucie Johnson

Oxford Mail: Mark RicheyMark Richey

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