Readers have been having their say on whether Didcot is a good place to live.

In January, Didcot was voted the 44th worst place to live by satirical website I Live Here after a ‘record-breaking’ 125,681 people voted.

Now Didcot has the chance of redeeming itself as the list has reopened to public votes for the 2022 rankings.

TOM GLENN: “When I come back home stay sister in Didcot there everything in Didcot love it.”

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CANDY WATTS: “I’m sure Didcot is a town loved by many of its residents."

ANTHONY HARRIS: “It’s not (the worst) any more. It’s had much more money spent on it than Abingdon has and starting to overtake us now.

“Didcot is on the up and Abingdon is on the down due to lack of investment!”

CAROLINE TWYFORD: “I went there for the first time in a decade and was stunned!

“Last time I was there half the shops had gone and it was just depressing, totally changed now, better than Swindon for sure.”

ANDREW HAMILTON: “I wouldn’t have thought so, excellent shopping facilities excellent transport links excellent housing the majority of it new.

“ It has better shopping facilities than let’s say Wantage and Abingdon, what’s not to love.”

GERALDINE ALDER: “No, I have recently started working in Didcot meeting lots of local people - my opinion is wow so many nice friendly people - well done Didcot.”

BOB MANNIX: “Leave people thinking it’s bad and we residents can enjoy it.”

KELLIE HAYNES: “I wont ever move back there.”

ANDY HAYES: “Yes the traffic is a bloody nightmare.”

SYLVIA CLARIDGE: “I love living in Didcot. Plenty of shops train station in walking distance good pubs and clubs.”

NATALIE POLLARD: “Look I grew up in a small village between Castleford number 13 and Wakefield number 6, Didcot is not a bad place to live.

“Abingdon seems far worse, Didcot has so much investment and so many new people myself included moving into the town.”

PEARL ALLEN: “I love Didcot - at Coronet Bingo everyone so nice and friendly. I don’t live there but I like the town.”

DAVID WOOD: “I lost a tennis ball once, yes, it landed on top of the pavilion in Brasenose Park, my mate’s older brother climbed the roof some weeks later and found said tennis ball, I was beside myself when he decided to keep it for himself. It was 1978.”

LOUISE WITTON: “I loved living in Didcot, many happy memories - it will always be my home town.”

PHOEBE LEIGH: “Definitely not.”

SARAH WILLIAMS: “I used to love living in Didcot. Now when I go back into town it shocks me.”

EMMA TROTT: “No, Middlesbrough must be the most worst one!”

MATT JONES: “Didcot or Wythenshaw?”

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JUANITA McGARRY: “I love Didcot. you should try living in Hastings.”

JOAN LEAHY: “The shops are very good.”


BOB McGARRY: “I love Didcot but people must learn to indicate.”

LLOYD BEST: “One hundred per cent.”


OXFORD MAIL READER: “They should have left the power station standing and knocked down the town!”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “It can’t be any worse than Banbury.”

JAMES BROWN: “Its not great admittedly, but its not that bad.

“I would rather live in Didcot than pretentious, overpriced Oxford.

"At least Didcot can say that it is not responsible for producing creatures like Boris Johnson and David Cameron. That makes it far superior to Oxford.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Nimbys, who have moved recently into a village near me, where there is a shortage of housing for priced-out locals, and they want to keep it that way, are known for telling people who want to live in the village that they can always live in Didcot. I don’t suppose it’s because the nimbys think that it’s a wonderful town though, more like they don’t want the village cluttered up with simple country folk.”

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OXFORD MAIL READER: “With the council so passionately anti-car and anti everything and their draconian desires to impose charges on the citizens of Oxford, Oxford is most definitely worse.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Banbury and Bicester get my vote before Didcot - dreadful soulless places.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Living in Didcot is like living in America but in a much smaller house.”