Oxford's Red Rebel Brigade is arriving in Glasgow today to join forces with Scotland’s Blue Rebels in holding world leaders to account during the COP26 Climate Summit.

The Red Rebels brigade is part of Extinction Rebellion and is a street performance group.

Regional Red Rebel groups have travelled by train to Glasgow over a three-day relay, silently and solemnly performing in carriages and on station platforms up and down the country ahead of their arrival in Glasgow Central Station at 4pm today.

Yesterday the Red Rebels from Bristol, Rugby, and Oxford met at Birmingham New Street and staged a silent vigil to mark the mid-point of the journey.

On their arrival in Glasgow Central the Red Brigade will join with Scotland’s Blue Rebels to deliver a haunting performance and a reading of a poem which paints a terrifying picture of climate breakdown, to world leaders.

This will be followed by a silent procession around the station and its concourse, ending in the unfurling of the main banner – known as the baton – signifying the end of their journey and the hope that COP26 will drive political climate action.

Spokespersons Catherine Heinemeyer and Christina O’Neill said: “Red Rebels have travelled, silently and with purpose, along the veins of the country to the beating heart of COP26 in Glasgow.

“It is now CODE RED for humanity, for climate, and for nature. There is not a single moment more to waste, and policymakers who don’t come to the table ready to make sacrifices really will have blood on their hands.”