Oxford Mail readers have been giving their views after some residents said they had been waiting days to receive their post.

People living in Blackbird Leys have complained they have not received mail for five days but readers said there were also problems in other parts of the city.

OXFORD MAIL READER: “My son's medical prescription from a medical centre to my doctors has taken a week and a half and still nothing.

“It’s disgusting, soon the postal service will never get used because it obviously doesn’t work anymore, emails all the way!”

ASTON STOCKFORD: “Yes it’s atrocious.”

ADELE FRANKUM: “We hasn’t had any for over two weeks.

“Got some yesterday with letters about a parking ticket that has now lapsed in time to pay.”

DEAN GILES: “Waiting over a week for a new bank card.”

JAMES DOBSON: “Nothing new try living in Wantage.”

SUE BENNETT: “Nothing in OX3 for a week.”

WILL ADAMS: “Nothing in OX4 for over a week.”

PETE BRINDLE: “Been diabolical in Wantage and Grove for months.

“Nothing for two weeks, then nine letters in one day. Four of those were for two different neighbours.

“Paying first class prices for a third class service and still have to do their job for them. Not the first time either.”

ANDRIA HOOK: “Had two letters put through my door; one for Newcastle, one for Liverpool. Good job the postman was still in the street so I could give them back.”

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TRACY SMITH: “I’ve been waiting for a special birthday present that my daughter got me for my birthday, which was Monday and still no parcel so thanks a lot Royal Mail. Not even had post for two weeks.”

TANYA CROUCH: “Two weeks that’s nothing! I received a card recently for the birth of my son - Royal Mail took 10 years to deliver it!”

EMMA TALBOT: “We haven’t had any since the weekend.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Royal Mail are concentrating on delivering parcels/packets and special delivery tracked items, to reduce the space in their delivery depot.

“Letters are being stacked up in trays. Royal Mail are not employing the staff. Royal Mail Recruitment are to blame for this.

“It’s easy to blame the pandemic and staff sickness, but why not employ the staff.

“This is serious, if you are relying upon a letter to arrive and it fails over days, Go to East Oxford Delivery Depot and speak with the managers there. Do not continue to be on hold on the phone anymore.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “The post is not being delivered regularly in Headington/Barton area also.

“When the post does arrive you have about one weeks worth at a time. Important letters are going missing - it’s easier to deal with companies by email where possible.

“A family member worked for Royal Mail and it was not a good working environment.”

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OXFORD MAIL READER: “Headington/Barton are also located at the East Oxford Delivery Depot. Same managers running the whole area.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “I get The Economist by postal subscription and all my mail seems to arrive on the same day as it.

“Likewise on the day that I had a 1pm special delivery letter, a stack of leaflets turned up.

“Sounds like residents who receive negotiated priority mail or special deliveries might be triggering deliveries for the entire street.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Royal Mail is abysmal.

“They keep using the pandemic as an excuse. Risinghurst and Sandhills and Barton no mail for days.

“The management are useless the workers are pushed from pillar to post not there fault. About time they were given big fines for a service not fit for purpose.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Headington Delivery Depot was located in Lime Walk.

“To save money they closed down and relocated to East Oxford Delivery Depot, merging as one unit with less managers and less staff. Saving money and filling their own pockets. Managers are truly under pressure. There are plenty of people wanting work and willing to work if only Royal Mail would employ them, take on more staff and lower the burden on the current postal workers and get back into a level playing field.”

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OXFORD MAIL READER: “I spent close to an hour waiting for a call to be answered, then I was told to make a report of stuff that hasn’t been delivered and make a claim. They deny there’s a problem.”