Theatres are relieved after the Chancellor’s announcement of measures to support museums and galleries.

Tax relief for museums, galleries, theatres and orchestras will be doubled. The industry has also welcomed £850 million in post-pandemic support for culture and heritage institutions, and £14 million a year in scale-up funding for creative SMEs.

Louise Chantal, joint director and CEO of Oxford Playhouse said she hopes this will help theatres return to normal.

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She said: “Both the rates discount and the doubling of theatre tax relief is a hugely valued and appreciated. It will help the whole theatre industry return to functionality. The problem we have had as an industry is the risk and expenditure involved in producing theatre.

“We have had some record-breaking sales over the past few weeks and audiences are coming back and telling us that they are feeling safe, which is wonderful. But what this does is allow touring producers to take the risk to put on shows.”

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